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We are specialised in all types of settings including pavé, channel, invisible set, claw setting, rubover, millgrain and micro setting. All stones and gems are set carefully and elegantly by hand.

Mounting and Repairs

Our workshop are well equipped for jobs such as resizing, laser/soldering, re-tipping claws. All mounts are done with the utmost care and grace to ensure a natural, breath taking aesthetic.

Polishing and Plating

Prepping, guilding, black rhodium, palnik plating. Plating yellow gold, rose gold and rhodium. All items are polished by hand with the aid of the latest AEG polishing equipment.

Laser Engraving

We engrave all types of jewellery including rings, bangles, pocket watches and pendants. All laser engravings are made with the latest Gravograph equipment and software to ensure perfection.

Diamond Engraving

All diamond engravings are done to the highest of standards, ensuring a beautiful quality each time.


Hallmarking can be done on all metals including platinum, gold, silver and palladium. All items will be polished after hallmarked.

Semi-Mount Supply

We provide a large variety of 18ct and platinum mounts.     


CAD/CAM Design 

We offer 3D design service to help you create your own unique piece of jewellery and create a 3D prototype ready to cast.


The castings and moulds are all designed perfectly to ensure a luxurious look. Takes up to 10 days.


   *  Our service fees start from as low as £10.

 **  Next-day collection available where applicable.

*** Prices vary with the type of material used and the design.

Call us or visit our store to get a quote

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